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Open Your Heart To a Senior

Examples of Seniors Waiting for Help
These Seniors Need Help! (Just a couple of examples - there are many others all across Allegheny County!)

Katherine is an 87 year old woman living with her daughter in Brighton Heights. She has been widowed three times and would love a friendly visitor as she feels lonely.

Margaret is a 68 year old woman living in the North Side who would love to have a friendly visitor to play board games with!

Rebecca is an 85 year old woman living alone in an apartment building in Squirrel Hill. She has difficulty raising her arms and would like help hanging up her laundry. Additionally, she would like a ride to the Cheswick Goodwill to shop for clothes.

Dorothy is an 83 year old woman living alone in the North Side. She has some health conditions that leave her rather frail, but she is still lively and belongs to a German dance group and choir. She would like monthly help with grocery shopping.

Anna is 88-years-old and lives with her dog in Shaler. She needs a little help with grocery shopping and enjoys talking as well (she has some great stories to share!). Anna likes to shop in the afternoon and really likes the Giant Eagle in McIntyre Square because they have electric scooters with baskets.

Beatrice lives in Etna and needs help with grocery shopping and going to the food pantry in Etna. She gets around quite well but has a hard time with her cane and carrying things. She likes to shop at the Giant Eagle in the Waterworks because that's where she gets her prescriptions filled. The food pantry in Etna takes place the third Thursday every month, and Beatrice normally likes to go in the evening. This would be about a 90-minute time commitment for a volunteer. Grocery shopping assistance could take place just about any day that works for you.